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3061 Two Immortal Spiritual Fruits

Feng Wu had been ignoring that fact.


If she could take both Immortal Spiritual Fruits, she wouldnt need to make that difficult choice.

Feng Wu frowned when she realized that the Immortal Spiritual Fruits wouldnt ripen at the same time.

The one above Sakiyas head was about ripe, but the one hidden in the leaves still needed a while.

That made things much trickier.

Feng Wu was racking her brain, but Sakiya frowned.

He was never pleased with this student, who was dumb, lazy, and liked to wander off.

The boy had too many flaws.

Seeing that his students mind had wandered off again, Sakiya frowned.

He put the book on the table and glanced at Feng Wu.

Feng Wu was immediately wrapped in the energy of this capable cultivator.

boxn ovel.


Ssss —

Feng Wu drew in her breath!

She didnt know if Sakiya was knowledgeable enough to teach the crown prince, but she was certain that he was capable enough to train the crown prince in his cultivation.

This capability…

It was terrifying!

Sakiya looked at his student in disappointment and shook his head.

He wanted to send the boy away, but he changed his mind when he recalled the boys background.

He only glanced at his student.

“If memorizing the text gave you a headache, that means you put your heart into it.

“ReciteOn Morals for me.”


Sakiya kept his sharp gaze on Feng Wu.

He had already anticipated what would happen.

The boy wouldnt remember anything from that book.

“On Morals, is it” Feng Wu looked at Sakiya.

Sakiya read his book and wouldnt talk to her.

Feng Wu was speechless.

A few people stood in the distance, and one of them was Mu Yan.

As a Supreme Level medicine refiner, Mu Yan knew how to pick and preserve the Immortal Spiritual Fruit, which was why she was here.

A general was also among those people.

He was General Guchi, one of Sakiyas capable subordinates.

Lord Pan, who was still sleeping, was General Guchis subordinate.

The third person was the steward of this team, and he was in charge of taking care of their daily necessities.

They looked in Sakiyas direction when they heard the master testing his student.

Mu Yan sighed.

“Bu Jingyu is finished.”

General Guchi asked, “Hasnt he memorized that text”

Mu Yan said, “No, he didnt even try.

He snuck off again.

When I found him, he was watching some ants in the grass.”

Guchi frowned.


Sakiyas patience is running out.”

Mu Yan nodded.

“I think the boy will be on his way soon.”

Guchi and Mu Yan smiled wryly at each other.


“It is quite meaningless to speculate upon unspoken thoughts…”

Feng Wu put her hands behind her back and started reciting the text.

“On Morals” was such an easy piece for her, an avid reader.

She hesitated when she recalled what Bu Jingyu was like.

She observed Sakiyas expression as she recited the lines.

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