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Everyone in the room hurriedly stopped.

The butler looked at Chu Xuan carefully.

“Young Master, is there a problem”

Chu Xuans eagle-like gaze locked onto the woman standing by the door.

He frowned and pointed.

“That woman in white turned around.”

Hearing Chu Xuans words, the butlers eyes lit up. It seemed that Old Masters method was indeed useful.

Didnt Chu Xuans attention turn to someone else 

“The one in white, come here.

Everyone else, get out.”

As soon as the butler finished speaking, the others in the room walked out.

Only the white-robed woman leaning against the door stood there.

“Why Dont you understand human language Young Master asked you to come over.” The butler urged unhappily again.

At this moment, the woman in white slowly turned around.

Chu Xuans gaze was fixed on her.

When the woman completely turned around, a hint of disappointment seemed to flash across Chu Xuans eyes.

It was not easy for Chu Xuan to find someone he was interested in.

The butler gave the woman a look and asked her to come and accompany Chu Xuan before leaving.

Chu Xuan had already lost interest and was about to get this person out when the woman suddenly lowered her head, revealing a slender neck that inexplicably gave Chu Xuan a sense of familiarity.

“Come here,” Chu Xuan called out to the woman.

“Yes.” The woman lowered her eyes.

Her facial features could not be seen clearly, but one could vaguely tell that she was very beautiful.

When the woman walked forward, Chu Xuan casually took a glass of red wine.

“Look up at me.”

The woman slowly looked up.

Chu Xuan looked up as he drank.

The wine glass in his hand fell to the ground.

Standing in front of her was a Chinese woman.

She was very beautiful, had gentle facial features, and was quiet and peaceful, making one think of the sunflower with the first drop of dew in the morning.

However, what Chu Xuan cared about was not her appearance, but her bright eyes.

They were too similar.

However, there was one difference.

Feng Wuyous eyes always had a proud and passionate light, while the eyes of the woman in front of her were like clear lake water.

They were clearly different, but Chu Xuan felt that they were similar for no reason.

“Young Master” The woman smiled faintly.

“Do you need me to do anything”

Chu Xuan frowned slightly.

Feng Wuyou had never spoken to him so gently.

This person was not Feng Wuyou.

I was stubborn.

Feng Wuyou was already dead. 

“Whats your name” Chu Xuan wiped the wine off his body and looked at the woman in front of him.

“Su Yao.” Su Yao smiled at Chu Xuan.

Her eyes curved slightly, and Feng Wuyous shadow appeared again.

Chu Xuan originally wanted her to go out, but with her smile, Chu Xuan changed his mind.

“Su Yao Follow me in the future.”

“Okay, Young Master.” Two dimples appeared on Su Yaos face.

Her long black hair hung behind her shoulders like a waterfall.

Chu Xuan stood up and walked upstairs.

When he reached the bedroom door, Chu Xuan glanced at Su Yao, who was following behind him.

“You can go down first.”

“Yes.” Su Yao turned around obediently.

When she turned around, intense hatred flashed across Su Yaos eyes.

As she had expected, Chu Xuan had never really liked her.

He hated everything about her.

As a result, she dressed up as the opposite of her former self and immediately attracted Chu Xuans attention.

Did he really hate me that much 

Su Yao clenched her fists.

Her eyes were clearly filled with hatred, but there was an indiscernible sadness in them.

If anyone else entered the bedroom, they would definitely be frightened by the decorations.

In Continent F, which did not produce cherry blossoms, a large number of cherry blossom trees were planted in flower pots in this room.

There were no decorations in the house.

Other than the cherry trees in the house, there was only a huge ice coffin in the middle of the house.

The ice coffin was transparent, and one could see Feng Wuyou lying inside.

Chu Xuan walked up and placed his hand on the ice coffin.

His expression was dark.

“Is this your way of taking revenge on me Dont tell me you think Ill be sad if you die”

In the ice coffin, Feng Wuyous face was covered in a layer of frost because of the low temperature.

She looked cold and no longer looked as lively as before.

Chu Xuan tightened his grip on the ice coffin and looked at Feng Wuyou lying still.

Chu Xuan, who had always been cold and heartless in front of everyone, suddenly began to look a little sad.

He stared at the person in the ice coffin.

“If you wake up now, Ill return the Feng family to you, okay”

However, in the ice coffin, Feng Wuyou did not respond as usual.

Chu Xuan leaned against the ice coffin and sat down.

He lowered his head, thinking about something.


On the plane from England to China.

Jun Shiling received a message and subconsciously glanced at Xia Wanyuan.

Xia Wanyuan sensed Jun Shilings gaze.

“Whats wrong”

Jun Shiling raised an eyebrow.

“Nothing, Im not telling you.”

“…” Xia Wanyuan felt that Jun Shiling was getting more and more childish, but she was even more childish than Jun Shiling.

“What news Tell me.”

Jun Shiling smiled and raised his chin slightly.

He looked at Xia Wanyuan with a faint smile.

“Sure, you know.”

Xia Wanyuan put down the book in her hand and sat beside Jun Shiling.

She tugged at his sleeve.

“CEO Jun, what news”

Jun Shiling picked Xia Wanyuan up and placed her on his lap.

“I realize that youre much more curious than before.

When were you so nosy in the past”

Xia Wanyuan gently punched Jun Shiling.

“Are you going to say it or not If youre not, forget it.”

Jun Shiling grabbed Xia Wanyuans hand and lowered his head to cover her vermillion.

After collecting the interest, he leaned into Xia Wanyuans ear and said a few words to her.

“Really So Feng Wuyou isnt dead”

“Mm.” Jun Shiling nodded.

“But Im not sure about her subsequent whereabouts.

I can only find that someone changed her appearance at that time and made her completely disappear in front of everyone.”

“Then did Chu Xuan find out about this too”

“No.” Jun Shiling had a special channel that was faster than anyone elses information.

Chu Xuan was a step late.

Jun Shiling had already sealed everyones news.

It was impossible for Chu Xuan to find out.

Xia Wanyuan thought for a while.

“Where do you think Feng Wuyou will go”

Jun Shiling tightened his grip on Xia Wanyuans waist.

“Didnt you already guess”

Xia Wanyuans eyes flickered.

According to Feng Wuyous personality, she would only go to one place.

However, that was her own choice.

Xia Wanyuan did not think too much about it.

Seeing that the plane was about to reach the Beijing airport, Xia Wanyuan packed her things.

Just as she was flipping through her luggage, she suddenly found a small box in the box.

She picked up the box and saw a colorful and very beautiful diamond necklace.

Seeing that every single one of them, regardless of whether they were good-looking or not, they only used the largest and brightest diamond brush, Xia Wanyuan knew that An Luo must have given them to her.

Xia Wanyuan laughed and glanced at Jun Shiling.

“Did you help An Luo put this in”

“Mm.” Jun Shiling glanced at the diamond necklace in Xia Wanyuans hand.

“A brats aesthetic standards.”

Xia Wanyuan did not want to argue with Jun Shiling, who was jealous of children.

She put away the necklace and sat beside Jun Shiling.

“Did something happen to An Lin”

According to how much An Lin doted on An Luo, if not for something happening to An Lin himself, he would not have let An Luo attend this banquet.

“An Lin is sick,” Jun Shiling said briefly.

“This matter is their internal matter.

We dont have to care.”

Although he said that, Xia Wanyuan was still a little worried about An Luo.

He was still a young man, but he had already taken on the heavy responsibility of the Cape family.

Jun Shiling turned around and smoothed the frown between Xia Wanyuans eyebrows with his hand.

“Alright, youve been worried about this and that all day.

Why arent you worried about me”

“Why should I be worried about you” Xia Wanyuan looked at Jun Shiling angrily.

Jun Shiling leaned into Xia Wanyuans ear and said something, immediately causing her ears to turn red.

She glared at Jun Shiling.


Jun Shiling smiled and did not comment. Why should I be so serious with my wife

Back at the Beijing airport,

For example, Xia Wanyuan could already be considered a top trend in China.

A large number of fans were waiting to welcome her with posters and flowers.

Xia Wanyuan was originally prepared to take the VIP passageway, but seeing that so many fans were waiting for her, she changed the route and walked through the public passageway.

Seeing Xia Wanyuan and Jun Shiling walk over together, the fans cheers were about to overturn the entire airport.

The security guards frantically blocked the fans who kept surging forward, but the fans were too enthusiastic and could not be stopped at all.

Helpless, the security guards could only ask Xia Wanyuan for help.

Xia Wanyuan looked up and waved at everyone, then waved her hand, signaling everyone to retreat.

The fan army that had used all their strength to resist retreated quietly.

The security guards:  Are you not giving me face 

Jun Shiling protected Xia Wanyuan out of the airport hall.

The two of them had just gotten into the car when news of Xia Wanyuans return spread throughout the Internet.

The news of Su Yueran becoming the ambassador of Chinese and American culture had only been trending for a few days before it was pushed down by Xia Wanyuan again.

Su Yueran was so angry in the villa that she threw the cups in the room to the ground.

The netizens eyes were quite sharp.

At that time, there were especially many fans at the airport.

Everyone took photos of Xia Wanyuan from all angles.

Some fans carefully compared Xia Wanyuans photo, then realized that when they looked at her from the side, Xia Wanyuans stomach was slightly bulging.

Everyone could not help but have a bold guess. Could Xia Wanyuan be pregnant 

This time, the netizens gossip burned.

There were even a large number of comments on the Internet guessing men and women.

The studio could not be bothered to resolve the various guesses and rumors on the Internet because in just a few days, the scripts and invitations from all sides had already filled up dozens of square meters in front of the studio.

Chen Yun and Lu Li did not know that Xia Wanyuan was pregnant.

Their first reaction was joy when they saw so many invitations.

When they excitedly went to Xia Wanyuan to ask her which movie she would accept,

Xia Wanyuan caught them off guard.

“I wont take on movies and television dramas for the next six months.”

Chen Yun and Lu Li were shocked.

“So, are you leaving the industry”

Xia Wanyuan shook her head.

She had entered the entertainment industry in the beginning and would not leave halfway.

She placed a document in front of Chen Yun and Lu Li.

“Im not filming other peoples scenes anymore.

I want to be a director myself.”

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