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It was fine if it was just bad, but the key was that many Chinese television dramas liked to plagiarize foreign works, and they did not plagiarize well.

It was either that the character had changed drastically, or that after the adaptation, the special effects level had been greatly reduced.

In everyones opinion, Chinese television dramas were equivalent to crude construction.

[ Xia Wanyuan is arrogant.

Does she really think that the movie is her own credit It was clearly that director who filmed it well.

Does she think that she can film a very good movie when she goes up ]

[Im speechless.

Im waiting to see what television drama youre going to copy again.

Cant you have some shame Dont you feel ashamed copying others every day]

[ Rich people are willful.

They do whatever they want.

Filming television dramas is like playing.


When they learned that Xia Wanyuan was going to film a remake of “Under the Sky”, everyones reaction was even stronger.

Back then, in order to ride on the popularity of an internationally popular magical television drama, the story structure of “Under the Sky” was clearly completely oriental.

However, the director and screenwriter of that production team forcefully adapted the entire television drama into a structure similar to Western culture and were chased and scolded by the fans of that popular television drama.

Now that Xia Wanyuan was preparing to film “Under the Sky”, the audience of “Ice and Fire” did not care about anything else and scolded Xia Wanyuan first.

Hence, before the television drama began filming, the evaluation on the Internet had already plummeted to 2 points.

The full score was 10 points.

The market reflected the audiences willingness to watch.

Many investors were waiting to see everyones reaction and considering whether to invest.

While everyone was still hesitating, the Jun Corporation had already released a statement that they would complete the television drama with Xia Wanyuans studio.

All the investments would be taken care of by the Jun Corporation.

The others who were still watching: … Cant you play like this Cant you give me some soup 

In the manor, Xia Wanyuan was reading the original novel.

Jun Shiling sat at the side and massaged her shoulders.

“Cant you stay at home obediently”

As Xia Wanyuan flipped through the book, she replied, “No.”

“…” Jun Shilings hand moved down slightly and scratched Xia Wanyuans waist.

Xia Wanyuan shrank back from the scratch, her eyes smiling.

“What are you doing”

Jun Shiling picked her up.

“Dont work too hard.”

“The child will be fine.

Ill be careful.” Xia Wanyuan touched her stomach.

It had already begun to bulge slightly.

Xia Wanyuan could feel a small life sprouting in her stomach.

Jun Shiling gently pinched Xia Wanyuans face.

“Do you think Im worried about the child”

Seeing the deep worry in Jun Shilings eyes, Xia Wanyuan smiled and leaned forward to kiss Jun Shiling.

“I know.

Youre worried about me.

I understand.

I definitely wont tire myself out.

I promise.”

Jun Shiling sighed softly and pulled Xia Wanyuan into his arms.


Xia Wanyuans eyes curved slightly as she hugged Jun Shiling tightly.

Just as the living room fell into a short silence, footsteps sounded outside.

It was obvious who it was.

Xia Wanyuan hurriedly let go of Jun Shiling.

The next second, Xiao Bao ran in energetically.

“Mommy, youre back.

I missed you so much!!”

Xiao Bao leaned towards Xia Wanyuan and looked at her with wide eyes.

During this time, Xiao Bao was placed with Old Master.

Other than reading obediently every day, he was in class.

It was not easy for him to look forward to Xia Wanyuans return.

Now, his eyes were filled with longing for her.

Xia Wanyuan reached out and rubbed Xiao Baos face.

“Mommy misses you too.”

Xiao Baos big eyes were filled with stars.

“Mommy, can I sleep with you tonight”

Xia Wanyuan glanced at Jun Shiling and nodded.


“I knew you were the best!!” Xiao Bao hugged Xia Wanyuans arm happily, then pushed Jun Shiling away with his butt and sat between Xia Wanyuan and Jun Shiling.

“…” Jun Shiling glanced at Xiao Bao and did not stop him, but the disdain in his eyes was obvious.

At night, Xiao Bao successfully obtained the benefit of sleeping in the same bed as Xia Wanyuan.

Without a beauty in his arms, Jun Shiling simply dealt with his work in the study and had no intention of sleeping.

The night gradually covered.

In the entire study, there was only the sound of Jun Shiling flipping through documents and marking them with a fountain pen.

At that moment, his phone suddenly rang.

Jun Shiling picked it up, glanced at it, and pressed the answer button.

“What happened”

Bo Xiaos voice was on the other end of the line.

After he said a few words, Jun Shiling put down the pen in his hand.

“Okay, Ill go over now.”

When Jun Shiling left the study, Xia Wanyuan and Xiao Baos playful voices came from the bedroom next door.

It was not easy for him to look forward to Xia Wanyuans return.

Xiao Bao was especially happy to tell Xia Wanyuan about the new friends he had met in kindergarten, making her laugh.

Jun Shiling did not go in to disturb them and left the manor.

Jun Shiling drove for nearly half an hour and arrived at the place Bo Xiao had mentioned.

It was a very hidden hospital.

This hospital was not open to the public and was only used internally.

Jun Shiling swiped his card and someone brought him in.

In the innermost room, Jun Shiling saw Bo Xiao.

The moment he saw him, Jun Shiling frowned.

Bo Xiao looked like he had just come out of the examination room.

He still had the equipment on his arm.

“Youre here” Bo Xiao nodded at Jun Shiling.

“Come to the side.

I have something to tell you.”

Jun Shiling followed Bo Xiao to the side.

“Are you sick”

Bo Xiao placed a report in front of Jun Shiling.

“Do you remember the chip that was taken out of my body a few months ago”

Jun Shiling nodded.


“At that time, we all thought that K controlled and controlled his people through the chip.” At this point, Bo Xiaos eyes revealed a hint of seriousness.

“However, the hospital has been constantly researching.

Later on, we realized that we were looking in the wrong direction.”

Jun Shiling had a bad feeling.

He picked up the report and took a look.

His thick eyebrows frowned even more.

Bo Xiao continued to explain to Jun Shiling, “K doesnt control others through the chip.

The doctors extracted an unknown virus inside the chip.

They named it the S virus.

We havent completely figured out whats wrong with this virus.

From the current situation, it can change a persons internal cells.”

Humans were made of all sorts of cells.

If the virus could rewrite human cells, invade a persons brain, and completely control this person, that would be a very terrifying thing.

Jun Shilings eyes gradually darkened as he looked at the document.

After a while, he suddenly turned around.

“What did you check in the hospital just now”

Bo Xiao sighed softly.

“I recently realized that some of my actions are starting to go out of control.

Thinking of this report, I came over to check while An Rao was sleeping at home.”

During this period of time, Bo Xiao would occasionally feel that a certain part of his body did not belong to him.

At first, he wondered if it was his imagination, but as time passed, he had a bad guess.

He exercised all year round, so it was impossible for his body to stiffen for no reason.

Jun Shilings eyes flickered.

“After the examination here, come to the manor tomorrow and get Shen Xiu to help you check again.”

“Okay.” Bo Xiao nodded.

“Have you found out who K is”

Jun Shiling closed the document in his hand.

“Theres progress, but its still being verified.”

“I cant help you much.” Bo Xiao looked at Jun Shiling.

“I know.” Jun Shiling stood up.

“Rest well.

Remember to contact me if anything happens.”

“Thank you, Brother.” Bo Xiao nodded slightly at Jun Shiling.

They had already been confidants for so many years.

There was no need to say anything else.

Jun Shiling was about to leave when the doctors walked over with Bo Xiaos examination report.

The doctors wanted to call Bo Xiaos military rank, but now that Bo Xiao had retired, they could only call him “Mr.


Jun Shiling stopped in his tracks.

“How are the results of the checkup”

“Its like this.” The doctor explained to Jun Shiling with the report.

“We did detect that some cells in Mr.

Bos body are mutating and differentiating.”

When the doctor said this, Jun Shilings expression darkened.

He looked at the doctor coldly, and the doctor shrank in fear.

“No, no, Im not done.”

The doctor handed a stack of documents to Jun Shiling.

“We used the S-virus to experiment on the white mouse.

The white mouse also showed the same mutation as Mr.

Bo, but we also discovered that the mutation in the white mouse is unlimited, but Mr.

Bos body began to stop automatically after a certain extent.”

After discussion, the doctors came to the unanimous conclusion that this S-Virus was not mature enough.

It needed some time to hide and grow.

Back then, Jun Shiling had gotten someone to remove the chip in Bo Xiaos body in time and to a certain extent, stopped the virus from spreading into Bo Xiaos body.

“So, can the virus in Bo Xiaos body be controlled” Jun Shiling was most concerned about this question.

“Ill try my best, but we cant guarantee it.” Naturally, there were too many unknown viruses in everything.

Facing the unknown, no one dared to guarantee it.

After hearing the doctors report, Jun Shiling took away a medical report.

Bo Xiao tidied his clothes and followed.

“Dont worry.” Seeing Jun Shilings cold side profile, Bo Xiao subconsciously comforted him first.

“Since the doctor didnt say that it cant be controlled, there must be a way.”

Jun Shiling replied, “Are you going home now or”

“Of course Im going home.” Bo Xiao smiled.

“My wife and child are warm.

An Rao and our little cutie are still waiting for me at home.”

Only then did Jun Shiling get into his car and drive away.

Watching Jun Shiling leave, the smile on Bo Xiaos face gradually disappeared.

He sat in the car and took out a pack of cigarettes from the gap.

The lights were clearly flickering by the car window.

After a while, his phone rang.

It was a call from An Rao.

Bo Xiao stubbed out his cigarette and picked up the phone.

“Tsk tsk, how long have I been out Youre already checking on me”

An Rao laughed in anger at Bo Xiaos words.

“Whos checking on you Im just asking when youll be back!”

“Isnt that called checking” Bo Xiaos tone was smiling as he teased An Rao.

“Up to you.” If Bo Xiao was in front of her now, An Rao would definitely bite him.

“Then dont come back.

Youre so annoying.”

Only then did Bo Xiao stroke An Raos fur.

“Good girl, good girl.

I was wrong.”

He opened WeChats video chat mode and shone around.

“Come, my little Lian Po.

Look, there are no women around, right Ill be back in half an hour.”

An Rao looked at him angrily.

“I already said that I didnt check on you!!”

Bo Xiao could not help but smile.

“Got it.

Ill be back immediately.

Ill bring you phoenix claws, roasted buns, and barbecue, okay”

An Rao, who had been successfully bribed by delicious food, swallowed her saliva.

“Okay, come back quickly.”


After hanging up, Bo Xiao started the car and went to the brightly lit street to buy food for An Rao.

They spent a long time in the hospital.

When Jun Shiling returned to the manor, it was already very late.

In the bedroom, Xia Wanyuan and Xiao Bao were sleeping.

Xiao Bao had finally obtained the chance to sleep with Xia Wanyuan.

He hugged Xia Wanyuans arm tightly and buried his face in her neck.

Jun Shiling went to the side to wash up and change his clothes.

When he returned to the bed, Xia Wanyuan was already awake and looking at Jun Shiling with wide eyes.

Jun Shiling laughed.

He walked past Xiao Bao and kissed Xia Wanyuan on the cheek.

“Arent you going to sleep”

Xia Wanyuan sensed Jun Shilings worried emotions.

Jun Shiling was a person who rarely revealed his personal emotions.

Xia Wanyuan guessed that Jun Shiling had encountered something difficult to resolve.

Jun Shiling lay down under the blanket and hugged Xia Wanyuan through Xiao Bao.

Xiao Bao felt uncomfortable and reached out to kick Jun Shiling.

Jun Shiling pressed him down and stuffed him back under the blanket.

While he was fighting with Xiao Bao, his right hand on Xia Wanyuans arm was hugged by her.

Jun Shiling glanced at Xia Wanyuan.

Xia Wanyuan hugged his hand and smiled at him.

“Goodnight.” Then, Xia Wanyuan closed her eyes.

At this moment, Xiao Bao had also quietened down and stopped struggling.

Jun Shiling hugged the mother and son tighter.

Perhaps the road ahead was long, but as long as they were by his side, there did not seem to be any regrets.

Xia Wanyuan did not have much business cooperation now.

Other than attending classes at Qing University, she spent the rest of her time screening the actors of “Under the Sky”.

Although they were extremely nervous about the quality of the television drama, because this was directed by Xia Wanyuan and invested in by the Jun Corporation, everyone knew that there would definitely be benefits.

Instantly, the entire entertainment industry wished they could run to Xia Wanyuan.

Among the large number of actors, Xia Wanyuan picked three main actors.

However, when the name list was announced, everyone was stunned.

These three people What kind of reasoning was this

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