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The Lord of Reincarnation

darling9-11 minutes 21.07.2022

Golden Wind Drizzling Rain Tower.

This is a huge force that spans various countries across the mainland.

It was a merchant by day and also an intelligence dealer.

Among the younger generation, the title of ‘Eight Heroes and Sixteen New Stars’ was derived from it, and it is widely recognized in the martial arts underworld.

Based on this alone, Fangxian knew that the tip of the iceberg for this building was unfathomable.

Among the hundreds of living things in the martial arts arena, there are definitely the most jealous and hated beings, and of course, they must have some ability to survive in the world today.

“Welcome, please come in.”

At the entrance of the Golden Wind Drizzling Rain Tower, two young girls who smiled brightly stood welcoming guests, with bright eyes and gleaming teeth, smiling to welcome all the guests.

Based on only these two maids, they seem to have good vibes, which was enough to attract some attention.

Of course, if there is a gangster who wanted to get hanky panky, there was a group of thugs waiting behind who will teach you how to behave in minutes.

Fangxian had been in seclusion for a long time, so he wanted to interact with more humans.

After browsing in the Golden Wind Drizzling Rain Tower and placing a few orders, he then came to the teahouse on the top floor.

The place was free of charge for martial artists, and the layout was extremely exquisite.

There was also a high podium in the middle.

Every day, someone specializes in interpreting the anecdotes of celebrities from the martial arts underworld and delivering various intelligence.

The tea snacks are also top-grade, fresh, and fragrant.

Fangxian had been here for a while before, feeling very comfortable and was relishing the moment, and at the same time secretly feeling that the people of Golden Wind Drizzling Rain Tower were really good at doing business.

However, today’s situation is obviously different.

He walked into the teahouse and felt that the atmosphere was a little off, there seemed to be too many guests but the surrounding was too quiet.

‘It’s not a good thing anyway…’

Fangxian turned around and wanted to leave.

He did not wish to get involved in any trouble.

“Huh Miss, it is that mister Fangxian… “

At this moment, a servant girl suddenly exclaimed, her voice as crisp as a bell ringing, and it was even more annoying in this silence.

In an instant, at least half the eyes across the room shifted towards the door and noticed Fangxian.

‘Damn… Is that Liu household’s maid Sure enough, just like her master, she is nothing but trouble… ‘

Fangxian rolled his eyes and pretended as if he hadn’t heard her.

He continued walking back.

“Mister Fang, your kind helping hand that day, younger sister will always remember deep down in my heart… “

Under her veil, Liu Yun also saw Fangxian, her eyes flashed: “Why don’t you come in for a cup of tea and let younger sister try to offer a piece of my sincerity”

I hear no evil, it’s not me, I have no feelings.

Fangxian was expressionless and continued to walk outside and stepped onto the stairs.

“Ahem! Guardian Fang, why aren’t you stopping right now”

At this time, another table of people suddenly spoke.

On that table, there were the Five Lakes Hall Master ‘Zhao Yi’ and the Deputy Hall Master ‘Xiao Zha’, but they both sat on the accompanying vice seats respectively.

Palace guardians and the others were standing by the side, and they didn’t even have a seat.

On the main seat above all, sat a burly old man with a browned beard, like a golden lion.

At this time, attracted by the unusual behavior of the Liu household’s master and maidservant, and they all saw Fangxian.


Fangxian secretly lamented in his heart, that he went out without looking at the almanac.

He came to Zhao Yi and the others, clasped his fists, and saluted: “We meet again hall master, the deputy hall master… who is this”

“This is the deputy master of our sect, ‘Golden Lion’ Ao Xiong! Aren’t you going to greet” Xiao Zha introduced him to Fangxian.

“So it’s the deputy master.” Fangxian saluted again.

“Um… are you acquainted with the female doll of the Liu household” Ao Xiong’s closed eyes slightly opened a gap, and he asked casually.

“We only met once coincidentally.” Fangxian’s expression remained unchanged.

Ao Xiong nodded and stopped asking.

Xiao Zha, on the contrary, said jokingly: “This Yun lass from the Liu household is a famous beauty in Yaofeng provincial city.

How many young and handsome men who just want to interact with her, don’t even get to say a word.

It is a strange thing for her to look at you with so much admiration.”

Feeling the faint strange looks around at him, Fangxian gave a wry smile: “I’d rather not have any.

And… This is”

“This is why it is better to come by coincidence than to come early… Recently, a lot of young talents from Black mountain province have come into the city, and they have made appointments here to compete here.

We will all be witnesses… “

Xiao Zha replied with a smile.

“You came at the right timing, you are pretty good at martial arts, you can also play next round later.”

Zhao Yi glanced at the palace guardian and said suddenly.

Fangxian’s face twitched without saying a word.

He felt like he was being casually manipulated.

But unfortunately this time, in front of the sect’s upper management, you can’t refuse, otherwise, it will be the crime of sabotaging the army! Once on the battlefield, there will be fierce battles and dangers, which can also be called a conspiracy.

It’s easy to break the system, Zhao Yi doesn’t know his true strength.

Among the younger generation, he really needn’t be afraid of anyone.

As long as you win cleanly, it would be the chance to become famous instead.

“Hehe… Mister Fang really made little sister wait.”

At this time, when an incense fragrance passed by, Liu Yun smiled and brought the maid over.

‘This woman… ‘

Fangxian rolled his eyes in his heart, and a sincere and ‘naive’ smile appeared on his face: “Sorry… I am a little deaf in my ears earlier, so I didn’t hear it.”

This excuse was so insincere that Liu Yun’s smile froze.

But after all, she was good at making appearances and quickly recovered, then proceeded to greet everyone from the Five-style sect before smiling at Fangxian.

She then said to him: “Unexpectedly… Mister Fang had joined the Five-style sect.

I guess he thinks Liu’s household is a little small-scaled… “

When she said this, her eyebrows frowned slightly, and she actually gave a vibe of being infinitely wronged.

“Humph, how dare a mere tiny official to be so rude to Fairy Liu! You better quickly apologize, or you will know what is good for you!”

At this time, a flower protector (similar to a dark horse for pretty girls) jumped out.

He was in his twenties, wearing a lake-blue brocade dress and holding a jade folding fan.

He smelled a little like an other-worldly young man.

He was just mingling with the palace guardian and saw Fangxian like this.

He couldn’t help but fill his eyes with hostility.

“What are you”

Fang Xian glanced sideways and suddenly sneered coldly.

“Fangxian, don’t be rude! This is the second son of the Zhang family – Zhang Zifan! Aren’t you going to apologize” Zhao Yi shouted after slamming the table.

There are three major sects and gangs in Yaofeng provincial city: Five-style sect, Fengyun Gang, and Changhe Sect, and the Zhang Household, Leng Household, and Liu Household.

These six major forces are both in resistance and cooperation with each other.

Among them, the Zhang family is closely related to the Five-style sect.

For generations, some people have joined the Five-style sect and have made friends with the Liu family, it can be said that their family can hoodwink the public in the city.

“You don’t have to apologize to me, as long as you offer tea to Fairy Liu and apologize to her, then I shall spare you this time.” Zhang Zifan stared at Fang Xian with a smile on the corner of his lips.

This type of minor official who joined in halfway can be called the sect guardian, but truthfully speaking you are a dog raised by the sect.

How could it be comparable to the direct line

There was nothing left after a round of humiliation.


Xiao Zha wanted to say a few words, but when he saw Ao Xiong shutting his eyes to rest and keeping himself out of the situation, he remained silent.

However, Liu Yun with a slight smile in her eyes said: “Mister Zhang, please give this little girl some face, this Young Mister Fang, has also helped this little girl before… “

“Since it is Fairy Liu speaking, I will… ” Just halfway through Zhang Zifan’s speech, a footstep suddenly sounded.

Dong dong!

Dong dong!

A pair of black boots stepped onto the steps of the high podium originally reserved for the storyteller, revealing a round, smiling face: “People, where we are here would be the Golden Wind Drizzling Rain Tower’s business, first of all, thank you all for your appreciation.

Let the humble tower organize this grand event, so let’s explain the rules first… Any young man who wishes to demonstrate a few moves, please come onto the arena platform.

The venue for the martial arts is also limited within this area.

So we implore all to please be merciful.

Of course, The knives and swords have no eyes, and if there is accidental injury or even death, it is also fate, and no revenge is allowed afterward… “


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