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Due to the completion of a task, Fangxian had a half-year leave period.

He lived in seclusion, and he did not care about the outside world and concentrated on practising martial arts in seclusion.

Three months passed quickly.

Inside the abode, a medicinal fragrance was spreading in the air.

Fangxian used the last bit of the 'Dragon Tiger Bone Refining Ointment', smearing it all over his whole body, and started to stand.

Under the effect of the ointment, his skin seemed to turn into a bronze colour, and white steam faintly emitted.

"Snake pillars turns into a swimming dragon!"

"Swimming dragon changes into a tiger style!"

"Tiger style switch to a flying crane!"

"Flying Crane transforms into a Spiritual Ape!"

His posture was constantly changing, showing five different styles.

Sometimes swimmingly moving like a dragon and a snake, sometimes like a crane spreading its wings, a tiger descending from the mountain and a posture of a monkey picking fruit.

"Not only did the Fierce Tiger Fist breakthrough, but after a hundred days of hard training, I finally made some small achievements in the other four five-style fists… "

Fangxian stood up.

As soon as he cooled off, he no longer had the aura of a tiger, as if he had become an ordinary boy.

But in fact, it is in the shape of a tiger, hiding its strength deep in its bones.

It has to be exerted, it would be simply amazing!

He glanced at his attribute board:


[Talent: Eye of the Mysterious Caverns]

【Fierce Tiger Fist: Seventh Level】

[Crane Fist: Third Level]

【Dragon Fist: Third Level】

【Snake Fist: Third Level】

[Monkey Fist: Third Level]


"The rest of the four forms have their own unique ways of exerting strength and energy… What I have to do now is to regroup and combine strength, and strive for the unity of the five forms"

Fangxian dared to say that in the Five Style sect at this time, few people could compare to his own understanding of the Five-style Fist.

"Five-strengths are combined in one, and you can probably cultivate Chi with direct training to enter the innate… But I always felt a little unfinished, because it was not my own fist technique… "

Fangxian fell into deep thought: "What is the martial arts that truly suits me best"

Having survived in this world for so long, he gradually gained the heart of a martial artist.

At this time, he began to think about the original intention of the martial artist who created the Five-style fist technique.

"Kungfu requires self-improvement, you must add your own things, but the Five-style sect is already perfect enough, what more can I add on"

Fangxian had that intention for a long time already and wanted to learn from others' strengths and create a martial arts practice of his own.

Now, he can't help but fall into hard contemplation.

After a long time, he sighed: "It is really not easy to create a new martial art practice, even if I have [Eye of the Mysterious Caverns], it is the same as cheating with the edge of a single expertise..."

Feeling his thoughts drifting, Fangxian no longer hung onto that inspiration, but casually flipped opened the "Qingyu Technique".

This internal strength technique manuscript obtained from the Qingyu sect had been flipped over by him many times during this period.

The conclusion is that if ordinary martial artists want to use this to develop true Chi, they would have to be extremely gifted.

The essence of cultivation is roughly incorporated with meditation, hypnotizing the 'Chi' in one's body, passing it through every part of the body, and hitting the meridians and acupuncture points.

This was of course fake, but over time, with the help of vigorous blood and Chi, and with the help of various tonic medicines, it may just become 'true'!

If he had a 'true seed', it would have greatly increased the probability of success.

To enter the innate realm with just solely training, the requirements are even higher than that!

"My goal is to stand high in the world and look at more scenery.

I must be more strict with myself.

I will still try to develop my own martial arts practice first, then cultivating innately with just direct training.

If it keeps failing, I will retreat first and pray for the best."

Fangxian made up his mind and prepared to keep this secret manuscript.

When he read this ancient manuscript again, he shifted his mind and activated the [Eyes of the Mysterious Caverns], his expression slightly changed.

Then he grabbed the cover page of the book and sharply ripped it off.


The secret manuscript hardcover was torn open directly, a folder inside emerged.

'Sure enough, there were goods!'

Fangxian felt overjoyed and picked up the torn page that floated out of the folder.

The torn pages were made of some unknown paper, showing a dark golden color.

It was very tough, palm-sized, with obvious tears in the corners.

At this moment, what he saw was a vivid picture of a white tiger, fierce and ferocious, with points and lines like constellations for body contours.

"This… seems to be an incomplete meditation chart"

Fangxian barely glanced at the white tiger, it seemed to roar in his ears, and he couldn't help but feel stunned in his heart.

This style of painting was no longer be physically described by just words.

There was a legend in ancient times, a painter drew a picture of a tiger so surreal, that had scared people to death.

At first, Fangxian didn't believe it, but now, he believes in it!

"Why is there a missing piece of the meditation picture in the secret manuscript of the Qingyu sect's internal strength technique"

He felt it was a little strange, but didn't look at it much.

Meditation is a very high level of spiritual practice!

For example, in "Qingyu Technique", there is also a "Qingyu picture", which requires practitioners to visualize themselves, like sapphire-colored jade and clear glass, with a series of gestures, breathing, and incantation, and constantly hypnotizing themselves.

"This white tiger picture has only meditation pictures, but it lacks the most critical gestures and mantras, as well as the techniques and moves.

Forcible observation and going with the flow is not only harmful but also useless."

Fangxian shook his head and put his things away.

He took a shower, changed into clean clothes, and walked out of the premium abode.

Looking at the dazzling sun and the pedestrians not far away, he couldn't help but squint his eyes, with an illusion of Déjà Vu'.

This was because he was too obsessed with his own world and haven't communicated with the outside world for too long.

"This time the 100-day martial arts training, the result was too great."

Fangxian sighed emotionally.

It is not only the integration of the Five-style Fist, but this was also a summary of what he did before.

In terms of mentality, it is much different from before.

Not only has he found his position in the martial arts underworld, but he has also completed a metamorphosis.

"In this lifetime, I will live a wonderful life."

Fangxian stretched his body and walked towards the martial arts field.

It was his daily routine to go “secretly learn” from people, at a place where Five Style sect disciples would practice martial arts every day.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to learn the Five Tigers Broken Mountain Knife Technique.

However, today's martial arts field seems to be livelier than before.

As soon as his ears moved, many distant sounds around him soon became clearer.

"Eldest Senior Brother has broken through the threshold of his training."

"Our Five style sect eldest senior brother 'Zhou Wuming' is the first true disciple in the sect, but unfortunately his reputation is not as good as that of Lu Changfeng and Wu Yong… "

Just as that disciple sighed, he was glared at by the junior sister next to him: "Eldest senior brother has been on a retreat before and has been trying to break through the innate.

Once he succeeds, what will Lu Changfeng and Wu Yong have By then, out of the whole of the young generation of Yaofeng provincial city, only Tian Luoxing, Bao Qian could hold a candle to him..."

This junior sister probably belonged to the kind of later generation that is brain-damaged.

After hearing this, Fangxian realized that Yaofeng provincial city was surging recently, developing many rising martial arts talents, and Zhou Wuming, the great disciple of Five style sect, had also broken through the threshold of his training.

Unfortunately, you can’t develop true Chi to achieve the innate realm, otherwise, the sect would have celebrated with much fanfare within themselves.

"But what does it matter to me"

He shook his head and was ready to go out to buy some supplies.

A guardian like him who joined in halfway has never been under the direct line of Five Style Sect, and it is considered quite good to be able to climb to the position of elder in this lifetime.

Rather than being obsessed with fame and power, it would be better to improve your martial arts.

There was no need to think about other things.


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